Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies NOIDA Research Group (SRG) is a forum set up with the objective of promoting Management Research in day-to-day environment in business, industry and other organisations. The group is involved in activities such as conferences, lecture meetings, seminars and discussions, short courses / workshops and counseling to student members.

The SRG publishes a bi-annual journal called Journal of Management Research - Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies NOIDA, which is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles that have a high impact on the management field as a whole.

Membership of SRG

Membership of SRG has various categories: Senior Member, Life Member, Student Member and Institutional Member.

All the participants of various conferences organized by Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies-NOIDA are eligible for the membership of the SRG.

Benefits for members

  • Regular news on the activities of the SRG call for papers and events.
  • Opportunities to join all events and initiatives organised by the SRG, with additional benefits, such as reduced fees.
  • Reduced personal subscriptions to the Journal of Management Research - Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies NOIDA
  • A chance to shape the future of the SRG. The SRG is democratic and open to all disciplines and any member can become involved and contribute.
  • Opportunity to use the membership-workspace to initiate discussions, create discussion forums, to add topics and suggest new areas that you would like supported.